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How can I control my privacy/someone is stalking me what can be done?

First, no one should post personal information they are not comfortable in sharing. That is your first line of defense. If you wish to have greater control of your privacy click on your account name in the upper right on the menu bar. A drop down box will appear. Select "privacy", and a page will appear allowing you to control your privacy settings. You also have the option of blocking specific users. Do this by selecting their name and checking "ignore". In the case of someone harassing you we have measures we can take. Contact us through the "report" function (preferable), or start a private conversation with a moderator.

I see some bad content. Will you remove it?

All content; posts, photos ect., have a red "report" link near it. To report content, click on it and fill out the form, and we will review. Things like adult content and spam will get removed as soon as we see it. Some issues such as disagreements between members, are handled on a case by case basis. When in doubt please go ahead and report it as we may be unaware of the malicious content.

I believe someone has posted copyrighted works improperly at your site. What do I do?

We definitely want to know about this. We take great care to make sure this site is built with open source and public domain material. We also instruct our members to respect copyrights by using only what is fair use.

There are several ways to report copyright infringement. If you are a member, use the "report" link next to the content or start a conversation to a moderator or administrator. Otherwise use the "Contact" link at the top of the page.

Where can I find information about privacy policies, Terms of service etc.?

Links to those can be found at the bottom of each page of the website. You may also find links to important information at the help center at http://backyardportal.com/help/
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