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GA Gibbs Gardens

Botanical Garden in Ball Ground GA

  1. Bennu
    1987 Gibbs Drive
    Ball Ground
    Zip Code:
    Located about one hour north of Atlanta this garden has been open to the public for six years after many years of development. Flower displays change seasonally. Check their website for what is in bloom.

    Gardens are spring fed, with water features. Included are a large Japanese garden, rose garden and in late winter a daffodil display that is one of the largest.

    There is a cafe and special events featured throughout the year. The garden is closed at times during the year. Check the website for opening times, and to know what is in bloom.

Recent Reviews

  1. Greg
    visited on March 1st so there was a limit to the flowers in bloom. There were tons of daffodils. Even though it was early in the year, I could really see the potential for later in the year.