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Week Around the Web January 20th, 2017

WATW is a weekly collection of articles found that readers may be interested.
By Bennu, Jan 19, 2017 | |
  1. Week Around the Web is a weekly collection of articles I have come across that I found interesting, thought provoking, or something I found that people might have missed.

    Planning Your Spring Garden (http://smallapartmentfarming.com/)

    I recently found a blog for growing in a small area. If you find yourself in a similar situation take a look at it here. This week the writer posted an article on getting started which is applicable to anyone. The basics are covered in deciding what to plant. How much light the area gets as well as considering cold hardiness zones are covered.
    Why you should assess an area before planning a garden bed (savygardening.com)

    For those who are planning a new bed read over this short article. I recently realized how the tree line and vegetation has encroached, and added too much shade to my beds. It obviously didn’t happen overnight…kind of snuck up on me.

    How to Really Save the Bees (http://www.humanegardener.com)

    This is a great article highlighting the issues surrounding North America’s native bees. Most attention goes to the honey bee, but gardeners, with some care and planning can encourage these important insects.

    This article also has some really cool photos.

    Check back with us next Friday for new articles you may have missed.

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